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Nature and cities on the territory of Ukraine is so diverse that life is not enough to enjoy their splendor. Among the lowlands of the country Priyatnye marshes(Polissya), which lie in the Northern part of Ukraine and are crossed by numerous river valleys. In the Eastern-Central part of Ukraine located in the Dnieper lowland, which is flat in the West and gently rolling in the East. To the South, another lowland extends along the shores of Black and Azov seas, its smooth surface broken only by low rises and shallow depressions, gradually leaning to the Black sea. The shores of the Black and Azov seas are characterized by narrow sandy spits, which are in the water, one of them Arabat Spit, is about 70 miles (113 km) in length, but averaging less than 8 miles (8 km) in width. The southern Peninsula continues in the Crimean Peninsula as the North Crimean lowland. Severodonetsk among all this beauty with its square of a name of Gogol, takes not the last place in importance. It can be seen in real time online broadcast from Webcams installed in front of the square. One of the means to explore the city remotely.

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