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If the man asked if he wanted to travel the world without spending extra money, the few who refused. Alas, lack of time and frantic pace of life one of the main reasons why some may not enjoy, learning something new for yourself. Thanks to modern technology, many things previously not available to ordinary citizens, ceased to be dreams. Worldwide we have installed more than 500 web cameras, able to cover not only monuments, but also perfectly ordinary objects. For example, in the town of Stryi, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, highlighted the city streets. Anyone can at a convenient time to turn the device on and find out what's happening on the street. Except for video, webcam broadcasts and live audio from the scene of the shooting. If you lived in this city, and miss him, this is a unique opportunity for you to return to the time in native space for themselves. The device is installed near the entrance to the pizzeria, opposite one of the Central streets of the city. Webcam covers its almost entire length in one direction. The shot fall the nearest shops, pharmacy and Parking for vehicles. Actually, if you look closely, as such, specially equipped Parking there, the residents leave cars on the edge of the curb, which sometimes prevents movement. Street, illuminated by the camera is relatively narrow and are separated by only two lanes, the presence of vehicles on the side of the roadway is greatly reduced in size.

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