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About webcam "The area in front of the cinema Friendship" in Sumy

The city of Sumy in Ukraine has a rich history of its development. Today it is a modern settlement with an attractive local architecture, with a developed infrastructure. You can get to know the city and some of its particular areas through a computer and webcams installed there. Regardless of your geographical location, the picture is completely free on your phone or computer.

This broadcast goes to the square in front of the Druzhba cinema, it completely covers the object and gives the user a clear view of it. as seen in the video, the square is a small park area with a lawn and flat pavement paths. There are trees around the cinema, but there are no lamps, moreover, the camera is not designed for night shooting, therefore the best time to watch the broadcast is the day. The device is located at a height that allows it to cover a large area and the building of the cinema. Broadcasting can be an assistant to those who are interested in what the city looks like or what the weather is like.

The webcam works around the clock online, its broadcast is available on any device that reproduces the video signal.

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