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In the open spaces of Ukraine there is a large number of very different and interesting cities with unique places and just a pleasant environment. For example, today we offer you to go to the open spaces of the city of Sumy, where there is a long and rather pleasant on the exterior theater square. Although she bears such an unusual name, it should be noted that this is just a pedestrian zone, which allows you to simply walk through a part of the city without any problems. Given its size, it is central and allows in the daytime to carefully observe the bustle of people who are in a hurry about their business and try to achieve their goals. Someone is in a hurry to go home to the family, someone is in a hurry to work, and someone is just walking around this site.

The area is completely bricked up and has some elements of nature in the form of lawns and trees. Interesting is the moment associated with the benches. The fact is that they are located in the center of the square, and not as is customary along the edges. In addition to the benches, the central line of the pedestrian street has lampposts that can be an excellent occasion to have a good time under the light at night. Sounds certainly not very logical, but quite romantic. Even at night you can sometimes find people who are just doing business or are sitting and dreaming. Very often you can see couples in love.

Now you have an excellent reason to find a few free minutes and just watch this space. The bustle of people, constant activity, a fairly clean and pleasant area, all this creates exceptionally pleasant emotions and impressions. Just feel the atmosphere of this place and try to imagine that you are there. What would you do in this case? Where would you go? We think that it is time to wish you pleasant dreams and all the best!

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