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In Ternopil they love hockey and conduct their own competitions, and for this purpose they have equipped a real field where young people can now come to practice. This is not just a hockey field, but a real equipped stadium, with seating for spectators and squares for teams. Everything is done according to the standard and it is even possible to collect large inter-city championships with a large budget and attracting up to 200 teams from all over the country to the tournament. Already now everything that passes on this field is transmitted through the lens of the installed web camera. Parents who could not come and support their child have a great opportunity to watch training or play in real time. The translation is delivered to the network for free, the picture quality is excellent, the field is perfectly visible from the selected angle and completely falls into the frame. With the full expansion of the player on the computer screen, you can better see the players, the position of the puck and other important trivia. When there are no games, the field is not illuminated at night, so the broadcast does not give the necessary information to the user. In the rest of the time it will be your assistant, the picture is easily launched even through the phone.

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