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Verkhovyna – Sovremenny village, more like a city. It is located in Ivano-Frankivsk, located in the West of Ukraine. Verkhovyna is the administrative center of the same name district. Population: 5 857 (estimate 2016). He was initially installed as Żabie in 1424. The city is located in the Hutsul region of Carpathian mountains called Pokuttya, on the Cheremosh river, a tributary of the Prut. Currently, Verkhovyna is an important tourist center in Ukraine. The name means "mountain place". In the 1918-1939 gg, Toad belonged to Poland and was located in Kosov powiat ( County ) in stanisławów pierwszy Poland. In those years it was one of the main tourist centers of the country, attracting people in the same way as England. It was also the biggest rural community in Poland (from the point of view of the territory). After many years of Soviet rule, the village did not resemble the picturesque mountain resort that existed in the 1930-ies. Here there is an interesting Orthodox Church, you can look at the Hutsul Museum to visit the Polish cemetery, where monuments to the soldiers who died defending the border up to 39 years. Another major attraction in this place Museum Kumluca. Be sure to spend your own time and look at the view of the mountains from the hotel Verhoven. Unique sight online in real time.

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