Webcam Voznesensk - Central street, a view of the Temple

See on webcam Central street, a view of the Temple and watch the weather in Voznesensk

About webcam "Central street, a view of the Temple" in Voznesensk

The Ukrainian city of Voznesensk of no special interest to tourists from other countries, but this does not mean that people are not interested in them. On site, was installed the webcam stream which is conducted from the Central street, a view of the temple from this angle allows users to obtain additional information about access roads to it. The frame camera gets a wide sidewalk path and trail, which move not only cars but also buses, urban destination. The camera is a bit removed not only from earth, but the main objects to consider building or road signs need to enlarge the image on the entire screen of the device that is viewing it. Webcam is available to any Internet user to activate the video simply connecting a device to the Internet. Video plays only in online mode, all information is transmitted in real-time. After sunset it is difficult to examine in detail covered by the camera lens area, night mode the camera does not, but in the shot you can clearly see the headlights of passing cars and lonely lights, illuminating the street. The temple from this angle is difficult to see, only its input, so in this way the camera will not give the user much useful information. The stream can be used as a means to determine the weather in the city, it will be useful to you if you are going on a trip, especially in winter. some users use the video to learn about the political situation in his hometown.

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