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Not every mayor is ready to install in your office the web camera, especially to give around the clock coverage of his office to the Internet. And in the city of Voznesensk, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, the mayor took an unprecedented action and allowed to free access to the broadcast from his office. First time wanting to see how the day the servant of the people was enough, over time, the interest slavilsya when people realized that he has nothing to hide. Stream with the mayor's office is in real time, the picture is sufficiently clear and bright to the user in the details the internal design of the Cabinet. The device is installed in a corner of a room, from this angle, great view and Desk and table. If the picture is too small, the player has the ability to magnify the image to fit the screen. Have broadcast and the ability to activate a sound, the user gets the opportunity to not only see but also hear what is happening in the office. Webcam only works in online mode, so the user needs to view to first connect to the Internet. This is a unique situation, when anyone can watch on the activities of the mayor, office of mayor is viewed from a selected angle perfect, you can see who comes to him and as meetings. Access to view the broadcast is completely free, no restrictions, users from other countries can also view the video at any time convenient for them.

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