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Amusement parks in the cities help people spend leisure time, among the huge variety of possible activities are something to do for both children and adults. These parks are equipped with small market stalls, benches, flower beds and monuments with fountains. Cherish in their territory always smooth and tiled, so there love to spend time with those who are engaged in Cycling or roller-skates. The Central amusement Park in the city of Voznesensk is very popular among locals, to see the object height is now possible with computer screen or any other device that takes a video signal and plays it. Mounted in front of the entrance chamber covers only a small part of the Park, but this is enough to evaluate the building. Winter Park is not working and it's hard to keep on broadcasting in the summer there is an increase of activity from the visitors no end, neither in the daytime nor in the evening. In the district begin to operate a small cafe, but they don't fall into the frame, only a few rides and a small Park area. The webcam works in real time, and this means that everything the user sees happening at the moment in the Park of Voznesensk. The device has poor functionality, it is not rotated around itself, so to expand the circumference of the lens cannot and does not have night shot. By nightfall, the broadcast picture becomes clear and dark, running in the Park light sources are not enough to allow the user to examine an object in minute detail. You can use the camera to find out what the weather now in the city. Stream is available in any country of the world, you only need a quality connection to the network.

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