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Vyshgorod is a city in the Kiev region in the central part of Ukraine, the nearest northern suburb to the national capital of Kiev, located upstream along the Dnieper. It serves as the center of the Vyshgorodsky district. Vyshgorod is a city that for centuries has experienced ups and downs. It is now an industrial center, as well as a growing sleeping community for Kiev. Vyshgorod is located on the right bank of the Dnieper, adjacent to the dam of the Kiev reservoir. The earliest historical mention of Vyshgorod dates back to 946, also mentioned in the De Administrando Imperio. Vyshgorod served as a fortified castle and residence of the monarchs of Kievan Rus on the Dnieper from that time until 1240, when the Mongols fired him. In Vyshgorod, Vladimir the Great kept a harem of 300 concubines, after the Mongol invasion, the location does not appear in the records again until 1523 - and even then it was documented as a poor village. The city grew significantly after the construction of the Kiev power plant and was registered as a city in 1968. In 1934-37 and 1947, the archaeological remains of the first settlement were excavated. The brightest find was the basement of the church with eight columns of St. Basil, founded by Vladimir the Great, since the church was one of the largest in Kievan Rus, it took twenty years to complete it. Before the Mongol invasion, the church housed the relics of the first East Slavic saints, Boris and Gleb, the ancient Cossack military monastery, Mezhigorskiy monastery, which was not too far from the city. Vyshgorod is connected to Kiev and other areas mainly along roads, there is also an electrified final railway communication with Kiev, used both for freight transport and for suburban passenger traffic. River structures of the city are used only for industrial purposes. You can evaluate the modern Vyshgora ski slope through a web camera. Broadcast round the clock and access online.

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