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On earth there are places where you should definitely come to enjoy the nature, cuisine and in General a lovely stay. One such place is South Ossetia, where in the last few years the silence and tranquillity. The amazing thing is that here you can see virgin nature in the version as it was created from the beginning. The locals revere the traditions of their own people and prefer not to succumb to the progress in all countries is catching up. If we talk about the size, that South Ossetia is a small state, most of the people here live in the capital, the rest small part in the mountains. Most of the territory is occupied by mountains, but this does not spoil the landscape, and only decorates it. A trip to Ossetia will be an unforgettable holiday, but its territory should respect the laws of the country just as the locals do. Not so long ago there was installed a web-camera video stream which is activated with a conventional computer. Watch camera online anywhere in the world, enough to have a connection to the Internet. The device is aimed at the main attractions of the country and the streets of its cities to the network users could see the real life of this people. Here should come a believer to visit the many centuries-old temples, to be alone, to enjoy silence and peace. The interior of the churches remained since their occurrence is rare in the world, but the wealth of South Ossetia, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

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