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Hudson Bay or the Hudson Bay, which is still called Hudson Bay, is the largest salt water project in the north-east of Canada, with an area of ​​1230000 km 2 (470,000 square miles). The name of the eastern Cree for Hudson Bay sounds like Vinopek (southern dialect) or Vinipak (northern dialect), which means dirty or brackish water. The Hudson Bay covers 1,230,000 km 2 (470,000 square miles), making it the second largest reservoir that uses the term "bay" in the world (after the Bay of Bengal). The bay is relatively shallow and is considered an epicontinental sea with an average depth of about 100 m (330 ft) (compared to 2,600 m (8,500 ft) in the Bay of Bengal). It is about 1370 km (850 miles) long and 1,050 km (650 miles) wide. In the east, it is connected with the Atlantic Ocean along the Hudson Strait in the north, with the Arctic Ocean in the Fox basin (which is not considered part of the bay) and the Fury and Hekla Strait. The Gulf of Hudson is often considered part of the Arctic Ocean, for example, the International Hydrographic Organization defines the Hudson Bay with its exit from 62.5 to 66.5 degrees north as part of the Arctic Ocean, in particular "Arctic Ocean Division 9.11". Other authorities include it, in part because of its greater water connection with the Atlantic Ocean. Some sources describe the Hudson Bay as the extreme sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean or the Arctic Ocean. Hudson Bay can demonstrate the northern lights and this is one of its main attractions. You can see it and you can via the webcam, the broadcast from which is presented on this page of the site.

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