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Manatoba National Park Vapask is one of the few places in the world where in late February, visitors can watch tiny three-month cubs. In this massive park there are no roads or trails running through the rough subarctic forest, the tundra. This is part of the largest peat bog in North America, which became known as one of the largest known pregnancy and delivery zones for polar bears. Observation of wildlife, especially for polar bears, is the main goal by which people visit this place. It is one of Canada's most accessible northern national parks, which complements a significant portion of the Hudson Valley of James, a subarctic transitional ecological region between the boreal forests of Manitoba in the south and the Arctic tundra of Nunavut in the north. Hudson Bay itself is so vast (317,500 square miles) that it creates its own cold microclimate. This is an amazing habitat of wildlife. Wapusk National Park is home to polar bears and other wildlife, including many rare birds, moose, wolves, red and arctic foxes, wolverines, lemmings and the herd Caribbean Cape Churchill (3000 years old) hibernating here. While the climate can be an inhospitable winter for the indigenous people of the region, they continue the traditional hunting practice in the park. In the winter deserted landscape, almost nothing but snow. The webcam presents an amazing view of Cape South in the Vapask National Park. Broadcast is round-the-clock and is available to every user to whom it will be interesting.

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