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Saguenay is a city in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, Canada, on the River Saguenay, about 200 kilometers north of Quebec on land routes. It is about 126 kilometers up the river and northwest of Tadoussac, located at the confluence of St. Lawrence. It was established in 2002 by merging the cities of Chicotimi and Yonquir and annexing small jurisdictions. Chikotimi was founded by the French in 1676. The city of Saguenay is a territory equivalent to the regional district district, its geographical code is 941. Together with the regional district of the municipality in Le Fjord du Saguenay, it forms a census department in Le Saguenay-i-son-fjord (94). The mayor of Saguenay is Jose Neron. Before this was used as the name of the city by the term "sagenei" or (more rarely) "the valley of the Saguenay. Saguenay is the seat of the Chikutimi district. The city is divided into three cities: Chicoutimi (including the former city of Chicotimi, as well as Laterrière and Tremblay), Jonquière (which includes the former city of Jonquière, Lac-Kénogami and Shipshaw) and La Baie (formerly La Bay). Today, you can see a large pier on the river bank on-line with the web camera installed there.

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