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North America is famous for its beaches for vacation, here, as in many other countries whose territory borders the ocean or sea, is actively developing tourism. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists are attracted to Honduras white sand beaches, blue sea with clear water and caressing sun. On the coast there are numerous resorts and hotels to stay, that can be used only after the trip. Modern technological progress have greatly simplified the task of choice of the tourists, web cameras installed everywhere, let from far to see the advantages and disadvantages of illuminated territory. Many hotels in North America today given permission for the location of such devices inside the complex, so that people could see their advantages over competitors. One of such devices standing on the beach at the Grand Palladium. Webcam working around the clock, the broadcast applies to the whole world, enough to have a connection to the Internet. The picture is always clear and covers an area of beach that is owned by the hotel. You can consider in more detail what the conditions were created here for tourists who prefer a beach holiday, what objects are located near the beach and so on. Through a picture you can easily identify weather conditions in the city, but after dark it becomes difficult to consider the latest colorful images you can see in the period of decline. On the beach there is a powerful and concentrated light source, that is why the picture is dark becomes fuzzy.

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