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Unique, amazing place North America, to admire the local scenery in every area of this continent at different times of the day, the world around you is changing incredibly fast, so that you don't have time to get used to the new sensations. Especially popular on the continent is Mexico and not only because it is a country that attracts bright colors, spicy food and dancing, but also because on its territory a huge area the busy coast. Holidays are always a lot of fun, the sea is clean and blue, the sand is fine, light shade, so it gets hot, but never scalding. One of the most popular tourist cities is Manzanillo, located on the coast, from the centre to the sea is just twenty minutes drive away. To see what the landscape will open in front of you after coming here, there is no need to buy a ticket, simply open a stream from a web camera installed in the town centre with sea views. The device was set so that the user could not only see a huge space coastline with beach, ledges, hills and winding paths, but also a residential area. Not bad when you have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the buildings, location of streets, additional information about a foreign country is never superfluous, especially if you are going there for the first time. When traveling to exotic countries most trying to protect itself most of the potential problems in the future, vaccinations, look where is located the unfavorable areas, why not take the opportunity to see the city from the side in real time. The webcam works around the clock, the most amazing sight opens before you during sunrise and sunset, when the city and the seafront lights of the crimson-red sun reflected from the water surface. At night you can see only those areas where there is concentrated and powerful enough light source.

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