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Ciudad del Carmen is a city that is located in the center of Mexico in the State of Campeche. The town is located on the island and is its administrative centre. The average population of the settlement amounts to 178 thousand people, if to take into account only local residents and not take into account tourists. Every year here on vacation comes to thousands of people who want not only to enjoy the Mexican flavor, but just take a vacation in a pleasant environment. This is a rather large settlement, which is a feature of picturesque landscape, beautiful beaches, lagoons. Often here on vacation come the Americans, it is not surprising, the US is bordered on one side with Mexico. Not rarely, travelers call this place the pearl of the Gulf in Mexico. Especially popular here is the waterfront Carmen, which you can now see not buying a ticket to the country. On site were installed webcam, it gives a stream in the public domain, that is, any Internet user can completely free to make a virtual journey in the country. The device covers the frame is not only the coast on the waterfront, but also paving the tracks, palm trees, a track for the passage of vehicles. You should know that the city is known not only for its beauty and nature, but also large deposits of oil, recently put their offices a few large oil companies. Annually on the territory of the settlement held a celebration in honor of the liberation of its territory from the pirates, it was at this time large groups of tourists come to rejoice with the locals. Delight and the local climate, which in summer can be called arid. From Moscow flights to the city takes in an average day, if we take into account a transplant.

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