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The waters owe their deep emerald color of lush green vegetation surrounding the beach. It is especially popular among young people, which does not interfere with its rocky shores, but that seems a little dangerous for families with young children or the elderly. The best place of the beach is a little grotto in the center of this Cove. This is the perfect place for sunbathing, there is enough space for many people, so there like to rest the big companies. The beach is full of water sports and sun beds (sun beds), which in July and August, do not leave much space for vacationers who wish to lay their towels to save 5-6 euros or simply prefer a pleasant feeling of soft warm sand on the skin. If you love not just to bask in the sun, and walk on the beach, explore its secrets, to look into the jungle to search for shells, diving for Corelli this is a great place for this. To assess the benefits of the beach near the hotel is possible through your computer screen, simply activate the online broadcast. You will immediately feel the advantages of the covered device and is not only clean and beautiful, but the beach is not far from your room. The complex has a café and the remaining area is fully equipped for the comfort of tourists. Webcam working around the clock in real time on the picture you'll be able to assess the real condition of the beach, the number of tourists, the infrastructure around. Thanks to images you can save on your own funds and not remain disappointed in the trip. Night time shooting does not stop, but the camera is not designed for night work, so the picture is dark.

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