Webcam Boulder - White wolves in the reserve rocky mountain

About webcam "White wolves in the reserve rocky mountain" in the city Boulder

Wolves – animals that prefer not to open their personal lives to people. So as to follow their customs, laws, scientists have several months to go into the forest and arrive there in inhuman conditions. Today it is possible to see wolves in zoos, but there is, despite all the efforts of man, they can't behave in the same way as in a familiar environment. White wolves in the reserve rocky mountain in the US a spectacle that you must see if you are interested in the life of these animals. Web camera mounted in such a way to minimally disturb the animals, delivers clear visuals around the clock, without any interruption of the broadcast. The device is installed in such a way that it is possible to see wolves more time of broadcast. The camera works in real time, therefore, everything that happens on screen is happening in real time. After sunset, the picture is blurred by additional lighting on the reserve there, so better to wait for dawn in the US and continue to follow the white wolves.

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