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Beaches on the Atlantic coast attract tourists to different countries, because they spread not only across the US. Very popular resort on the west side of France on the Atlantic coast, where there are excellent areas of soft sand and excellent regular surf, although the water is, of course, cold. Here, the large and beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast face an annual problem - with massive doses of toxic algae that pollute the water supply as a result of intensive agriculture. As the algae decompose, a white bark is formed, under which hydrogen sulphide accumulates. When the crust is destroyed, the gas breaks out. Atlantic coast to use for rest is best June-September. Some of them are excellent beaches, although they are located far from the sea. Florida is a massive, well-groomed strip near the part of the fashionable Miami, so this beach is always loaded with tourists, those who offer a chic vacation in the sea. There is no shortage of bars and restaurants, but a constantly blowing wind can be a bit annoying. The weather, as a rule, is good, except for occasional storms in the summer, but the sea is cool always and this is its distinctive feature, especially in December-March. The best months for rest are November-May. You can now see and appreciate the beaches thanks to our online broadcast. The web camera does not capture the entire coastline, but gives an idea of ​​it in Charleston.

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