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Driggs is a city in Teton County, Idaho, USA. It's part of Jackson that is located in the Teton valley, the headwaters of the Teton river. The population was 1,660 at the 2010 census, compared to 1100 in 2000. The city is the County by County Teton County and is its largest until recently (between the censuses of 2000 and 2010). Located within the airport Drigg-reed memorial airport p-11, which can accommodate private jets on the runway and the taxiway with a length of 7300 feet. The Teton valley was discovered by John Colter in 1808, a member of the expedition of Lewis and Clark(1804-06). She became known as Pierre's hole. Driggs was founded in 1888 by Benjamin Woodbury Driggs, Jr. and don Carlos Driggs, whose descendants later moved to Arizona and founded Western Savings and Loan where most live, though some remain in Idaho. John Driggs, a descendant of don Carlos Driggs, later became mayor of Phoenix, Arizona in the 1970-ies. In 2007, National Geographic named Driggs one of the 10 best camping in the United States. See the top station of the ski slope is real in the present through the lens of a web camera. Stream available online.

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