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Not every Museum on the planet interested in network users, but there are objects, which I want, but there is no way to watch in real time. One of them is the Museum of space technology at NASA, where unique exhibits. To visit it now no need to purchase a ticket and apply for a tourist visa, it is enough to have a good home connection to the Internet and high-quality image. Web camera installed in front of several exhibits will give you an idea of what is in the Museum, what size objects and how they look in reality. Here is free entrance, however, and use of the survey may any visitor of the website. Webcam working around the clock, shooting the object is carried out even in the night, but due to the lack of the required number of light sources to examine exhibits in detail will be difficult. The best time to view the video after dawn, when the sunlight illuminates the space satellites and rockets. It is a unique spectacle for students, they by means of a video shooting get a new education.

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