Webcam Houston - The penguins at Moody Gardens

See on webcam The penguins at Moody Gardens and watch the weather in Houston

Веб камера Хьюстон Пингвины в Moody Gardens

About webcam "The penguins at Moody Gardens" in Houston

The penguins at Moody Gardens – a magnificent spectacle, which can now be seen not only coming here, but using a simple home computer. Web camera mounted in Houston almost completely covers the house with animals. Penguins are among the species which cannot be seen in the towns or in their vicinity. To observe their way of life man has created for them an artificial environment, but not every city has a zoo, where the penguins can normally exist. Webcam in Houston gives you the opportunity not only to see the local zoo, but to watch these animals during the day, make notes on how changing their behavior and how they behave in small flocks. The webcam works in real mode, day and night, though night time to consider animals not so simple. Zookeepers dim the lights and the animals go to sleep, so their activity is reduced.

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