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North America is famous for its many interesting places. Even fairly simple towns have historical places without monuments and special places. Why is everything so unusual? The meaning is quite simple, and it consists in preserving the historical buildings that have remained since the days of the Wild West. As you might have guessed, it's about cowboys and saloons of those times. This camera is aimed at such buildings and after the first viewing you will immediately understand what it is about. It's enough just to spend a little time studying this place and the meaning will become clear. The camera is aimed at a simple store that has a specific architecture of those times. Just look at these buildings, because they came directly from the time of confrontation between cowboys and Indians. Yes, modern finishes can be traced, but it could not spoil the atmosphere and recognizability of those times. It is only necessary to remove the road, pour sand, remove the traffic lights and wires, only after that you will immediately begin to notice the features of this place. But let's not glimpse those times and take a short look at the present. In principle, in addition to architectural features, there is nothing to brag about. Here cars are passing slowly, people are rushing about their business and the situation itself rarely changes. But if you do not have enough city bustle and atmosphere, then this camera will certainly allow you to simply enjoy the desired surroundings. It remains only to gain a little patience and gradually enjoy completely new species. We wish you a pleasant viewing and a great mood. By the way, there is no illumination in the city, but night lights, strewn all over the city, create a pleasant impression and suggest only pleasant thoughts. Best wishes to you!

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