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About webcam "Penguins nest" in the city Long Beach

Penguins are very well adapted for life in the water, but the land is also an integral part of their lives. On land the most important task of waterfowl is the continuation of their species. Penguins lay eggs and protect them until the offspring. Webcam, which is installed in the slot penguins show you in real time, as parents take care of their future baby. Hatch eggs at a time, very often one penguin feeds another, until he sits on the eggs. Just this Tenderness picture, you can see in the online mode, using a webcam. The only drawback - it's what you need to get to the period when penguins think about posterity. Very interesting is a webcam that you can see exactly how parents save future children from strangers, because as we know love penguins steal other eggs. Successful you frames.

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