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And now we ask for a little attention, since we have something unusual, beautiful and truly epic for you. We have not yet offered such a proposal, but at last our efforts are rewarded and we can safely share with you our find. This time we suggest you go to the open spaces of Miami, where most recently there was a new camera with a constant broadcast. What is most interesting, this camera was located on a high skyscraper and very close to the bay. In general, now you have the opportunity to watch one of the towns almost from a bird's eye view, covering the maximum area for viewing. Minor details here of course can not see, but the unique and spacious areas can be seen quite. First of all, we hasten to note a general picture that covers several places, the whole bay and a huge port, which is simply plugged with all sorts of metal cranes and boxes for transportation along the opening space. You can not even imagine what sunrise and sunset you can see here, especially considering the city's expanses on the horizon. Yes, the scale of the town is truly impressive, so you can safely enjoy such an unusual and pleasant atmosphere. Another interesting side of the adventure is the opportunity to actively use the most diverse and interesting views of the bay, which is often swim ships of various sizes. There are small yachts that try to catch the parking lot, which is located directly under the camera. And there are huge cargo ships that are gradually moored to this huge port and provide a favorable process of unloading and loading. It remains only to wish you a good mood and just a pleasant pastime. We are sure that the new camera will bring you a lot of fun!

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