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Miami - the place of any tourist who wants to enjoy the culture, the ocean and the amazing nature of North America. A very popular place, in which people who are tired of gray pictures outside the window are trying to live. It immediately attracts the attention of palm trees, bright sun and endless breeze. Fortunately, those who like to dream, on a large pier on the beach of Denmark recently installed a web camera, with round-the-clock broadcast. This is one of the most amazing and most enjoyable opportunities to visit this place. The camera is installed in this way. To completely cover the pier and not from a bird's eye view, but from the side where people come from the shore from the shore. It's not difficult to notice that there are always a lot of people on the pier, and the water of the ocean falling into the frame is distinguished by an amazing emerald tint. On the pier, some just enjoy the view, but there are those who come here to go fishing. The reinforced concrete structure inspires confidence, its durability is noticeable even on the online broadcast. Beaches here are always big waves, a lot of splashes and a small shroud in the camera says the same, it's a drop of water from the breaking waves about the pier design.

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