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Miami is popular with tourists who are accustomed to a chic vacation. Indeed, this is one of the most expensive beaches and on the whole vacation is not cheap, but it's worth it. Surprising in color, the water, fine sand and always affectionate sun attracts in Miami annually about several million tourists from all over the world. They tried to maximally equip the territory of the beaches and give it its own infrastructure. You can see one of the restaurants on the beach through the web camera installed there. Removal from the ground allowed to cover a large territory, the frame of this broadcast is not only the restaurant itself, but also the view in front of it. Tables stand as if on a small balcony above the sea, it itself is thrown white foam down on the sandy surface of the beach. A wide path approaches the restaurant, the building where food is prepared is not included in the shot. If you look closely, it's hard not to notice how the ocean is darker as you move away from the shoreline. Broadcast is active around the clock, you can watch it for free, at any convenient time. The quality of shooting can not but rejoice, the device clearly conveys both the quality of the colors and the contrast of hues.

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