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The beaches of Miami beach has thundered for the whole world, talk about them in travel agencies, offering both some of the best in the U.S., in the movie, and just mention in the conversation. It is difficult to say what attracts so much the territory of the beaches tourists, but there is always something to enjoy, though the rest can not be called luxury. The wide coastline attracts a large company of young people who organize active holiday with a game of volleyball or beach soccer. Sand and warm water is always playing into the hands of travelers, high waves allow for surfing. The beaches are close to town and close to the restaurant or a small cafe, which is not important enough to stay. So anybody can enjoy the view of the facility, there was a webcam that allows people from all over the world to see and appreciate the sea, the weather. The device is installed so that all users who are interested in the stream could learn a lot of useful information. The picture quality is great, just in the night time, due to the lack of on device night shooting the picture becomes softer. The shot fall just past the sailing ships and the industrial court, the sea and the beach remains hidden by the veil of darkness, and all because web camera is not night mode, and on the beach enough light. Inspect the object for the benefit of themselves after dawn, when the sun's rays begin to illuminate even the most remote corners and are reflected from the sea surface. Make a virtual journey or just find the perfect place for a future vacation, all the streams are running in real time, this means that the information coming from them is accurate.

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