Webcam Milwaukee - Penguins on the rocks

для просмотра камер на ПК, необходимо разрешить загрузку скриптов вверху справа

About webcam "Penguins on the rocks" in the city Milwaukee

When you were able in real life to observe penguins in their natural environment? Webcam overlooking the penguins on the rocks – unique opportunity to see the animals, watch them around the clock, to study their habits and lifestyle. It is installed in such a way as to take the place of their stay. Water is almost not visible, just to the left, all the rest of the space occupied by the rocks where the animals spend most of their time. A small grotto, which shows the web camera, is poorly lit, so the camera is set so that it was possible to see clear picture even under such conditions. This is the main reason why the image is black and white.

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