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If you want to travel the cities of the U.S. the best way to save your own money and time to include a stream with a view of the truck, the driver. We all know that the work of truck driver involves constantly being in the way, it's the people who transport the goods in different regions of the country, so they see very much around you. If you spend a virtual day with the camera from the cab of the truck can be sitting at home to cover a huge area of the country, to see the diversity of its landscapes, the architectural features of cities and much more. Previously this was not possible, and now, thanks to technological advances, people are free to expand their borders, to travel without leaving home. The device in the cockpit is set so that all users who are interested in the stream could learn a lot of useful information. The picture quality is great, just in the night time, due to the lack of on device night shooting the picture becomes softer. In the frame of fall roads, houses, natural features, all that sees the trucker from the cab of the machine. the broadcast is made without a break, the good quality of the Internet ensures quality and lack of inhibition. To see a webcam in any place and at any time when it is convenient for the user. The picture quality will please you, do the unthinkable, alone or with your friends, explore the world without compromising their wallet.

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