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In 1909, the famous Santa Monica Pier was opened, which became the oldest walking pier on the West Coast. It attracted thousands of curious visitors, although it was originally built from questionable materials and involving unskilled workers. Despite all this, visitors were delighted with a walk along the water along a concrete pier of 1600 feet in length. However, there were no sights or amenities on the severe and narrow municipal pier. The pleasure docks in the Santa Monica Bay were built in the early 1900s. Owners competed with each other for the best videos and greatest attractions. There were six berths along the banks of Santa Monica and Venice. The idea of ​​building attracted Charles Loff, world-famous entrepreneur of the amusement park. Loff was a master carver and builder of carousels and attractions, he built the first carousel on the island of Koni in 1876. Looff bought the land south of the pier and proceeded to build a new pier next to the Santa Monica municipal pier in 1916. It was the first haven on the northern beach of Santa Monica, it showed the attractions in which there were roller coaster. Then Lof suggested to the city government to merge the municipal pier and Loff's shop, so the two berths became one. Charles Loff died in 1918 at the age of 66, and his family took over the management of the quay. Beaches and an amusement park work today. But already in the modern version. You can see them thanks to the webcam installed here, the picture from which is sent to the network around the clock in real time.

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