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The North American continent is located in the northern and western hemispheres. It borders the Arctic Ocean in the north with the Atlantic Ocean in the east, in the southeast of the Caribbean Sea, and in the west - with the Pacific Ocean. The southern part of the continent has much to offer in terms of exotic beach holidays. The best North American beaches can be found on the islands of the Caribbean Sea, as well as on the mainland. The choice is very impressive: beautiful landscapes of 17 resort countries meet the crystal clear waters of their shores. Coral barriers and large waves attract all tourists, as well as lovers of outdoor activities from distant countries. The coastline of North America is about 400,000 km in length, it is rich in a variety of ecosystems, including estuaries, bays, gulfs, barrier islands, fjords, tidal flats, lagoons, salt marshes, mangrove swamps, coral reefs, deltas and dunes. In North America, more than 40,000 beaches, bays and beaches. The coastline is very diverse, where you can find such land-based objects as bays, beaches, battles (bend in the river), banks, cobblestones (sea caves growing on land and up into vertical mines and exposing themselves to the surface, demonstrating spectacular water splashes from the top of the bubble), capes, coves, banks, covering edges, fjords (formed when the glacier cuts the U-shaped valley with the abrasion of the surrounding bedrock.) You can see the beach of the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club through an active web camera, fast Paet the network around the clock.

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