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In Pensacola in USA city there is a good beach, where people come to relax after a hard working day, play with kids, ride a wave and just swim in the warm water. Previously seen urban beach could be coming here in person or in photos, now you can do it from the comfort of home and not looking up from the computer screen. If you are just going there, then you have a unique opportunity to see the beach directly from the computer screen. The web camera is located in such a way that it is possible to capture a large area of the object without loss of picture quality. Due to the shooting in real time you can look at the cleanliness of the public beach, the number of people on it at different times of the day and at the height of the waves. The beaches North America has always been famous for sand, smooth surface, purity, now you can most of them to watch from the comfort of home. thanks to these features you will save not only time but also money.

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