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About webcam "The bald eagle's nest" in the city Pittsburgh

Bald Eagles that live and breed in North America – truly beautiful birds, which would be worth at least once to see in real life. Of course, talk is always easier than done, so the aid of a web camera. One of them is set in Pittsburgh in front of the nest of a Bald Eagle, so the opportunity now is there for any who have Internet access and a computer. Webcam gives fairly clear picture, despite the fact that removed several thousand kilometers. Survey is conducted around the clock in real time, this means that every minute you will be aware of what is happening in the birds nest. Now you or your child can keep a diary observing a Bald Eagle, to do a report for school or just enjoy the spectacle. At night, the stream is impeded by the lack of light, therefore it is best to turn on the camera when in the US comes the dawn.

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