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About webcam "Traffic on the streets" in San Francisco

We continue to actively conquer the western regions of our planet, and this time we offer you a webcam of traffic on the streets in the city San Francisco. Yes, again America is ready to please us with new open spaces, which now you will surely like both in terms of originality and in terms of atmosphere. After all, previously we were all the time offering beautiful natural places, and now we have found a typical camera that displays all the activity of a small street. It is, of course, different from ours, but you should not forget that this is the kind of environment that is observed in all megacities of this region.

The traffic webcam on the streets in the city of San Francisco is located opposite a small street where most of the road is occupied. This allows you to look at how people move, what kind of cars drive and how life is in full swing. Not without the buildings, which are located tightly to the right and left, although the left side is not so clearly visible. And in the distance you can see the intersection, which is always saturated with a large flow of cars. The camera is available at almost any time, so you can always get a personal portion of pleasure and impressions.

Another feature of the webcam movement on the streets in the city of San Francisco will be the recommendation to watch the street at night. Illumination of road signs, traffic lights and passing cars together create an iridescent image that will blur the gray of the city. You should not worry, at night the city practically does not sleep and constantly some interesting activity takes place in it. Enjoy your viewing and all the best!

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