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Sometimes on the expanses of the Internet you can meet quite unusual web cameras of world significance, although they show an unusual foreshortening. As an example, it is necessary to bring a camera from the city of Tucson (USA), which is in North America. Do not wait for incredible landscapes and large scale coverage of the camera, because this time you can only look at a small part of the city from the face of the pizzeria, which is serene on the sidewalk. Therefore, most of the review is taken by the road, two sidewalks, a small number of shops opposite. It is possible to note still a garbage container and a table of a pizzeria, but in spite of the fact that these elements occupy the most part of the review, it is not necessary to concentrate especially on them. On what, then, you ask to look? Do not worry, given that the camera is aimed at the road, you can enjoy the colorful cars that sweep at a low speed on their business. This city is famous for its large cars, so the predominant amount of transport - jeeps. If you focus on the road, then its central part is covered with rails, over which trams run occasionally. They have a closed type, so you can not really see them, except that bright advertising can sometimes please with original pictures. Another unusual element is the proximity to the sidewalk. Thanks to this you can look into the faces of people who pass by the pizzeria. Everyone has his own emotions, appearance and interesting expression. This can be the basis for a positive charge, because immediately there is interest in them, their deeds and character, their thoughts. Each person is unique and everyone has a personal style, if you do not pay attention to it in your home town, then there is an excellent reason to improve the situation. Enjoy and have fun!

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