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Every city is beautiful in its own way, but to appreciate this little beauty just to see it from the ground, studying the streets, attractions and architectural features. The most beautiful paintings of the city opens from the height of bird's flight from here, though it is impossible to consider in detail the city, but it is possible to estimate the scale of the development. If you've not had the opportunity to see Washington in this perspective, today the view from the heights of the city available to any Internet user. Mounted on the bird's-eye view webcam is working around the clock, the broadcast is available online for free, no matter what geographical location the user. Her lens focused on the city, but the scale of the buildings did not fully embrace Washington, only most of it.

The web camera is active at any time, so you can activate it on your computer, tablet or phone at any time. After turning on the video it will be difficult not to notice how America treat the lawns. Unlike our cities, the smooth green surface is the norm, and from this city looks more attractive. Web camera in addition to urban development and covers the sky, so the stream can be a great help in determining the weather conditions in Washington. The device continues to broadcast the stream, and night, but because of the distance the user can see only the bright lights of the city at night and a slight stream of cars entering the frame in the distance.

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