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American universities are known around the world for their level of education, this is the main reason why students around the world collect maximum information about them to take the opportunity to come back to school. When providing good recommendations, biographies, research paper the student from any country can get a scholarship, which would provide him with an excellent education and a stable job in the future. But before you gather in a trip you need to decide what kind of University recruits more than anything. Besides information on entrance exams, admissions policy, it is possible to see many educational institutions around the world through the lens installed there web cameras. This stream is from the red square University of Washington, one of the most prestigious institutions of this city.

The device is directed to the square and the main entrance to the University, if you look at the building it's hard not to notice its architecture designed in the old tradition. The whole area is covered with paving slabs, and in the frame of the webcam, which works in real time, get students. Around the body, small trees, and behind there is a Park, but from this angle it is not visible. The webcam works in online mode, view the video on your own computer can be any user, regardless. what in the world he is now. The only condition for normal viewing is the availability of good network connection. In night on webcam is difficult to see anything in detail, because with the end of the school day the light in the building is extinguished, and around it is not in sufficient quantities to illuminate the area.

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