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It's time to go back to a completely different country and just enjoy the favorable atmosphere and environment. For example, what do you say about to watch the webcam of the bridge Puyrerdon in the city of Avelianeda. We rarely visit Argentina to observe, but now we have decided to improve the situation a little. The problem in this case is that the cameras with a rather interesting environment and lighting can be quite rare, so we decided to fill a little collection of standard and familiar options. As you have already noticed, this time you have to carefully observe the road junction. The webcam of the Puyrerdon bridge in the city of Avelianeda offers to watch the traffic. It is quite rich, as evidenced by constantly passing cars. Most likely, the camera gets the main road that connects important objects with each other. It should be noted that regardless of the road, the cars on them quite a lot. On the right you can see some sign, on the left there are exits from this route. If you follow the camera at night, you can note a fairly bright glow in the background, it suggests that there is likely to be a huge advertising video banner. As for the features, the webcam bridge Puregon in the city of Avellaneda proposes to assess the road surface, which saves quite normal despite the constantly passing trucks, of course, the roads Congress that will not tell. But the main track looks quite nice and high quality. Yes, it is difficult to note any special details in this picture, but they are and sometimes you can see something unusual, for example, some unusual transport. We wish you a pleasant viewing and just good mood. We are sure that you will succeed. Good luck!

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