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It's time to turn your attention to something more worthwhile, interesting and previously unaffected. For example, today you will have the opportunity to go to a recreation park, which is located in the city of Curitiba and is considered the best park in the region. And to see for yourself, we suggest you go to virtual spaces and just use our new camera, which you probably will enjoy. It remains only to carefully explore the vast expanses, connect to the stream of broadcasting and begin to carefully consider each small detail. Do not worry, the details there is quite enough, most importantly, to find free time, because observation is not fast, especially that which should bring pleasure and meaning. So, immediately note that the new park offers much more interesting opportunities, since the shooting takes place from the panorama of a tall building. The park is quite green, has spacious lawns and a small forest. The central part of the park is occupied by a pleasant pond, which is already talking about various sports grounds, among which there is a tennis court, a beach volleyball court and many other interesting places. The view becomes even more favorable when there is a parking lot, which is located right in the park and the nearest part of the town. Fortunately there are separate houses, they fit well in the overall picture, if there were high-rise buildings, it would have significantly spoiled the view. In general, I want to say that the new expanses of Brazil have become quite interesting and fascinating. It remains only to try to use them rationally, and you will certainly achieve an excellent result. And the picture itself is quite pleasant, gives an atmosphere of spacious nature and allows you to enjoy a calm and favorable environment. Enjoy watching!

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