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What do you say about personally heading back to another corner of the world and watching Rio de Janeiro? This time we suggest that you personally observe the streets of the city and carefully study the behavior of residents, interesting architecture and simply enjoy the atmosphere of this place. The camera is located quite high, so it covers most of the street, expensive and pedestrian side. And this means that you personally go to explore every detail of this place, and just enjoy every moment. And so that you can immediately determine the direction of observation, we will first consider the main places. Firstly, it should be noted that the street is quite lively and you can always watch a lot of people, cars and other activities. Unfortunately, despite the high quality and detail of this camera, people and cars can not be carefully examined, so we can safely consider them as a simple and pleasant addition to the overall picture. Another interesting detail of the design is the presence of green trees, which nicely complement the picture and allow you to easily get a lot of pleasure from such a pleasant environment. The main attention should be paid to the architecture, which falls into the camera lens in large numbers and simply allows you to carefully consider it. We suggest not to lose much time and start acting. You are sure to achieve a good result and be able to get the desired positive emotions. Now you will just have to relax a little and start just to carefully study all available options in terms of observation and visual pleasure. The street has a certain shape, and will not change, and if you successfully pick up the time, you will be able to see even the procession of the festival. We wish you good luck and all the best!

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