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South America is diverse in the number of landscapes, is one of the few of the reasons why tourists love to spend time here. In addition to the nature and attractions people are attracted to the flavor of the local cities. Santiago in Chile is very popular with people from all over the world due to its location, good weather conditions any time of the year, that's why there was a web camera, overlooking the panorama of the city with mountains in the background. Such a sight is impossible to see, even arriving in the country, in order to open these pictures you should or circling the plane around the city or to grow wings, the majority of people are neither one nor the other. If earlier about such possibilities could only dream of, then today you can see the panorama of sitting at home behind a computer, regardless of which side of the planet you are, it is enough to have a good connection to the Internet. The webcam works in real time, this is a great and indispensable tool through which you can determine weather conditions in the country to learn the overall political situation and other useful information. Device is active around the clock, the stream can be activated at any time convenient for you, just after dark, the picture changes dramatically appears in front of you not the scenery, and the city lights at night. If you've always wanted to travel but was unable due to unavoidable reasons somewhere to visit, the web camera will help you without extra costs to see the world around you, enough to give a little free time.

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