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Live cameras in Ecuador. Live webcams Ecuador online Ecuador. Ecuador – a country to which people come from all over the world for the thrill. There are a lot that are amazing and interesting to know the authorities don't do the main tourist business, but get him a good annual income, so we try to offer a high quality service and ensure the safety of its guests. If there is a fear to visit the country on a visit, but I would like to know more about it for yourself, take the opportunity to watch the live broadcast of the cities of Ecuador. Cameras work around the clock, they take hotels, streets, landmarks and transmit video to the Internet for online viewing. Watch the webcam at any time, no matter where in the world you are. Through the camera you can see the weather, the political situation in the cities, the quality of life of local people and other things that can push you to the trip. If you're going there on a visit, remember that in the country taking in tourist areas ATMs are the most common cards, but the fee for withdrawal will amount to about eight percent. Here is very rich in nature and there are about 24 living zones with the diversity of flora and fauna. Coming here you can taste exotic fruits, wonderful cuisine based on seafood and fish. Traditional cuisine can not fail to please with their variety of taste sensations, but for the visitors there was organized and traditional European cuisine. There are very unusual dishes that taste dare not every tourist, as the local liquor, characterized by a special fortress.

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