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Веб камера Перу Собор Успения Пресвятой Девы Марии

About webcam "The Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary" in the city Cusco

The Virgin of Mercy is the object of adoration in Christian art. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was particularly popular in Italy from the 13th to the 16th centuries, often as a specialized form of vows, similar buildings are also found in other countries, especially in Catalonia and Latin America. In Italian, it is known as the "Madonna della Miseriordia" ("Madonna of Mercy"), the cathedral, designed by the Spanish conquistador and architect, is built on the foundations of the palace of the Inca ruler Virachocha. Most stones for the cathedral of Cuzco derive from the sacred and military site of the nearby Sacsayhuaman. For almost 100 years, when the Cusco Cathedral was being built, Spanish priests and architects controlled mostly forced labor. Both the location of the Cusco Cathedral, and the way it was built, were intended to uproot the Andean religion and replace it with Spanish Catholicism. Surprisingly, however, that the Incas found ways to incorporate elements of their spiritual beliefs into a work of art that adorns the cathedral and in the building itself, right under the nose of their Spanish masters. When you visit the colonial cathedral of Cuzco, look for these signs of the Inca revolt. The Last Supper - in this exquisite painting you will see how Jesus and his disciples sip chicha, a local beverage based on corn, and feast on fried guinea pig, typical Andean food. In the picture of the Virgin Mary there is a suspiciously full skirt. In fact, the skirt is like a mountain, the Incas thought the mountains were gods. Look for lamas that shoot from the halos of some saints. The Incas painted the llama instead of the flame. Look carefully. The pillars that support the cathedral are in the shape of the Andean cross - the chacana. You can see the translation from the object through the lens of the web camera installed there. The picture is sent to the network in real time.

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