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The river Seine 776 km long, originates in the East of France in the province of Burgundy. The Seine river Flowing through the lowlands North French (Parisian basin), it is in Paris, makes numerous twisting turns. It falls into the Bay of the English channel near Le Havre. Seine river flow in some tributaries, chief among them: the right — Marne, and the Oise, the left – Yonne. The water basin is replenished mainly by rainfall and from November to March there is a rise of water. Cena has always been the heart and soul of Parisians, from the times when Celtic tribes pariseau (on behalf of the tribe derives from the name of the capital of France) in the mid-third century BC and founded a fishing village along the banks of the river. Hay big shipping line, main ports, the water artery: Paris, Le Havre and Rouen. Many artificial canals connecting the Seine river with other rivers. Today Hay is an important factor in the development of the city, unofficially it is considered the 21st district of Paris (there are 20). It is believed that the capital of France, is divided into two parts: the right Bank of the river, where concentrated shopping and business part of the city and the left Bank with its cultural and educational life.

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