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India – unique and amazing country where you can have a great time, and most importantly, very cheap. Despite the low prices, not everyone can afford to come here, but there's an easy way out of the situation, as you can see different objects India in real time absolutely for free. Opposite the temple Shri Swaminarayan has installed a webcam stream which enters the network around the clock. View it online can be anyone, you just have to devote some time to viewing. Web camera installed in a place that stream was the most complete and interesting to the user and was one of the means of bringing into the country new tourists. Of the computer screen the object you are viewing great, the picture is clear and bright enough to be able to evaluate the advantages of the temple. The learning object will allow you to learn more about the architecture of the country, the lens of the camera is not very close to the walls of the buildings, but even from this distance they are perfectly visible. In addition to the building, the user can see on the broadcast of the surrounding area of the temple. Are the entrances to the Church building, window, laid with paving paths and small green spaces. At night, the webcam does not stop working, but a small amount of light degrades the quality of the broadcast, if you want to better examine the features of the temple, the day is the best time to activate the video.

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