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Japan has recently become quite modern and well developed country, which were considered to be America and Russia. It demonstrates like no other country in the world, hard work and desire to always move forward. Cities in Japan have a high level of equipment, like China, Japan has relied on the use of modern technologies, turning the settlement into complete Metropolitan areas, creating maximum comfort for their residents. To look at the Fujisawa, there is no need to come here to visit personally, just to have the opportunity at any time to connect to the Internet to enjoy the video stream. Mounted the webcam stream which is presented at this web page, is focused on one of the main city highways. There is always an active traffic, it is not surprising, the population in Japan is constantly increasing, the traffic flow becomes stronger, and the city never ceases to live, even late at night. The traffic on the streets with the webcam looks great, all thanks to the fact that the device has a location close to the highway. In the night time to work a web camera is not terminated, good lighting allows the user to continue watching the video, the picture is still of sufficient quality. Access to videos is absolutely free, online users worldwide can view the stream with the same success as on the computer and phone.

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