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Nuclear power plants offer great opportunities for mankind, but history has also known cases when their destruction led to a serious blow to the environment. The simplest example is the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where no one lives until now, and the vast territory became a vacant lot with a complete ban on access there for local residents. It is a protected object with a high radiation dose. There is something similar in Japan, a nuclear power plant and its destroyed block can now be seen in a safe way - through the lens of the web camera installed there. Not so long ago, this broadcast appeared on the network and immediately interested users. The device gives a picture in real time, activation is possible only online. As a means for playback, both a computer and a phone are suitable, only a stable connection to the network is required. The web camera is not so far away from the destroyed block, you can consider in detail this part of the object, especially if you increase the player on the whole screen of the computer. Night light in this part is not, automatically the camera is not set to night shooting, so to get acquainted with the terrain it is better to choose a day.

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