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Shiroyama Park is a park in the center of the city of Kagoshima, which extends over the mountains of Shiroiam, which is the view from the observatory. From a height of 107 meters, the mountain used to be the place of fortification of the castle, which led to its name. Shiroyama literally means "castle mountain" in Japanese. The former castle grounds at the foot of the mountain now serve as a place for the Reimeikan Museum. The park is known for its Shiroyama Observatory with a breathtaking view of Kagoshima city center, Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima. The night view is also good, especially if the clear sky and bright moon allow Sakurajima to remain visible. Beautiful views can be caught on the Satsuma no Yu outdoor solar bath in the nearby Castle Park Hotel, which is also open to guests at any time. In addition, the park will be of interest to travelers interested in Japanese history, since it was the site of the final battle of the Satsuma Uprising in 1877. Local hero Saigo Takamori is said to have made his last stand in the Saigo Cave located within the park. The City View Bus Shiroyama-Iso bus moves between the Kagoshima Chuo station and the Shiroyama Observatory, which is where you can easily get here. A breathtaking view can be viewed through a computer, for this it is enough to activate the web camera and enjoy a round-the-clock broadcast from it.

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